March 10, 2021
- 12:00PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Automation: The Key to Kubernetes Security

A virtual meet-up from Sonatype, Rancher and NeuVector.

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Modern enterprises are moving to containerized computing environments to gain business agility and speed. Container infrastructures are a key component of digital transformation. However, containers, and orchestration tools like Kubernetes, introduce new security and compliance issues.

How can organizations maintain application delivery velocity while ensuring data integrity? Automation is the key.

At this virtual meet-up hosted by NeuVector, Rancher and Sonatype, our experts will share the secrets to securing applications and data from build to pipeline to production. You will learn tips and best practices that help development, operations and security teams implement security with development velocity as you expand container deployments.

And lunch (or snack) is on us!

In this 2 hour interactive session, including live demos and Q&A, you will learn:

  • How developers can accelerate application delivery without sacrificing security, even when using the open source software popular with DevOps cultures
  • How operations can deploy any application securely with automation
  • How security can create automated policy as code through behavioral learning and provide 360 degree visibility and actionable, accurate information about the entire container environment


All participants will receive a voucher for a meal or snack to enjoy during the meeting. At the end of the session we’ll reward your attendance with prize giveaways. And bring your Kubernetes and container security questions. We’ll answer as many as we can.

Who should attend?

- Developers, Software Developers
- DevSecOps and DevOps
- Lead, Security and Applications Architects
- Network and Application Security
- Kubernetes and Platform Architects
- Project Management

Tracy Walker

Tracy Walker,
Sr. Solutions Engineer @NeuVector

Tracy Walker has spent over 26 years in I.T. delivering software and technology projects from start-ups to Fortune 100. A specialist in automating software development processes including continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD), remediation and security, Tracy helps organizations automate risk-based security unique to their environment with unconstrained delivery velocity.

Jorn Knuttila

Jorn Knuttila,
Sr. Solutions Engineering @NeuVector

Jorn is a bearded, bumbling Nordic geek from the frozen tundra surrounding Minneapolis, MN (a suburb of Canada, doncha know!) playing Solution Engineer and DevRel Advocate at NeuVector. Understanding the business behind the technology makes Jorn a uniquely qualified guide to the container security journey. With over 25 years in IT, at industry leaders like IBM, Rundeck CenturyLink and Savvis, and experience as a practitioner.

Maury Cupitt

Maury Cupitt,
Director PreSales, Sonatype

Maury Cupitt has spent the last 20+ years in enterprise software working with early-stage startups and large enterprises to help position the value of their technology and make customers successful. He’s worked at Netscape, AvantGo, Tasktop, CA Technologies, and BlueStripe working with customers to solve challenges and advise on strategic solutions. Maury has an entrepreneurial spirit, enjoys wearing many hats, and has a passion for making software work better. Outside of software, Maury has worked on Broadway, is a pilot, enjoys amateur radio, tinkers with Raspberry Pis, teaches shooting sports, and loves DIY projects at home.

Rey Lejano

Rey Lejano,
Field Engineer, Rancher

Rey is a Field Engineer at SUSE and is currently one of the release leads for Kubernetes 1.21. Reycontributes to a variety of Kubernetes Special Interest Groups such as Docs, Security and Release. Before joining the cloud native landscape, Rey has a background in developing integrations, IT Operations Management and Application Performance Management.

Ready to automate Kubernetes Security?