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How to Use NeuVector with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

There are many attack vectors for cloud-native Kubernetes and container deployments, some new and some traditional.

To help organizations learn about these and protect against them, MITRE has published a knowledge base of techniques and tactics in a new matrix focused on containers.

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Now Integrate Security into Your DevOps Toolchain

This report is brought to you by NeuVector, the leader in Full-Lifecycle Container Security

  • Protect containers from DevOps to Run-Time
  • Full lifecycle vulnerability management and compliance checks
  • Implement 'security policy as code' to quickly deploy secure applications
  • Protect east-west container traffic with the only cloud-native container firewall with Layer 7 deep packet inspection, DLP, and built-in threat detection
  • Monitor running containers & hosts for violations, threats, break outs, and vulnerabilities
  • Audit security settings of hosts, Docker daemon, and containers for internal and external compliance

What our customers say

“NeuVector provides the network inspection, visualization, and security needed for dynamic container environments. The solution integrates easily into our automated workflow and the built-in intelligence let’s us scale quickly. It even helped us debug network connections from mis-configured application updates.”

“If someone does compromise a pod, and performs a zero-day exploit, there’s nothing at that point to prevent someone from moving from a front-end pod to the database pod. With NeuVector we can now look at traffic flows and create more granular enforcement for pod to pod traffic. I recommend that you take a serious look at what’s running inside your network.”


Kubernetes-native Security at DevOps Velocity.

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