December 14, 2021 10:00 AM in Pacific Time
(US and Canada)

NeuVector Office Hours!
December 2021 Edition:

Ask Me Anything! Highlights and Q&A with NeuVector 4.4 - Automating Zero Trust

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NeuVector Office Hours! December 2021 Edition

This is an open, interactive session for partners and customers and all questions are welcomed.

Please join us for NeuVector Office Hours on Tuesday, December 14, at 10:00 AM (PST).


Jorn Knuttila
Sr. Solutions Engineer

Jorn is a bearded, bumbling Nordic geek from the frozen tundra surrounding Minneapolis, MN (a suburb of Canada, doncha know!) playing Solution Engineer and DevRel Advocate at NeuVector. Understanding the business behind the technology makes Jorn a uniquely qualified guide to the container security journey. With over 25 years in IT, at industry leaders like IBM, Rundeck CenturyLink and Savvis, and experience as a practitioner, Jorn has lots of stories about ruining things on the Internet before there even was an Internet, uphill both ways, in the snow. After many years doing really big things at really big companies, he's disturbingly excited about being a part of the awesomeness that is NeuVector. Ask him why.


Tracy Walker
Sr. Solutions Engineer

Tracy Walker has spent over 26 years in I.T. delivering software and technology projects from start-ups to Fortune 100. A specialist in automating software development processes including continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD), remediation and security, Tracy helps organizations automate risk-based security unique to their environment with unconstrained delivery velocity.

These sessions are for you! Get answers to all of your Container and Kubernetes security questions during our Office Hours!